This is dedicated to the Ones I LUV.

No. I do not mean my husband, kids, mother, father, sister and brothers. Nor do I mean my country, or even God. Sure. I love them too, but this is not about them.

This is about my fellow WINGs members. Yes, they are also my fellow Writers and Wannabes bloggers, and you can see them on the panel to your right.

Now, you’re probably saying to yourself; Yeah, they’re a pretty good looking bunch, but, “LUV?” Really?

Yes. Really. Let me tell you the sad story of a lonely puppy that got lost on a dark and dreary night, and huddled in the confines of a leaky sewer pipe until she was rescued by a beautiful light. Ok? What? Been there? Heard that?

Well, then, I’ll tell you another story. My story. Flash back to New Year’s Eve, six years ago and there’s TK Ed 2006., sitting in her living room, little puppies, err, kids, all around her, wine glass in hand, pondering her existence. She had the golden ring; the kids, the trophy husband, the house and car, the fancy law office, the respect of her colleagues… Well, maybe. TKEd06 sat there and thought until her ingrown toe nails grew in grown toenails. What was missing in her life? What did she really want to do? What did she really want to achieve?

Several wine glasses and ball droppings later, she realized what she’d been missing – self-satisfaction, gratifying goals and… friends.

Fast-forward to TKEd12, and she has all of these and … it’s all thanks to those women to your right.  Just about the best critique group ever, they’ve been there to pick me up after a bad reject, to celebrate my one or two small successes, and when I’ve needed a shoulder to cry on.

WINGS, my fellow, WRITERS AND WANNABES, Susan, Nancy, Connie, and Stephanie. This blog is for you.

TK Read

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