Another Loud Shout

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Author: Nancy Cadle Craddock

Over four decades ago, my father moved our family to Baton Rouge for work-related opportunities. A couple of years later, my husband and I graduated from LSU and enjoyed living in Louisiana during our early years together before moving to Houston, TX and later, Atlanta, GA.

Our hearts are broken by the destruction of the recent flood through southern Louisiana. Although several of my family members did evaculate their homes, all were able to return to very little damage. Profit from the sale of “Lullaby of Lake Charles” will be donated to help Louisiana Flood victims.

It seems like I’ve been writing Lullaby of Lake Charles all of my life. To have all the bits-and-pieces of people, places and things that have been swishing-around for years in my thoughts and mind come together in one coherent tale, with a surprise ending, is a dream come true for me.

Lullaby of Lake Charles is a contemporary romance. It is a story of love on many levels and one that I hope readers will enjoy.

Lullaby of Lake Charles is about:

Margaret Sinclair, wealthy and childless, traveling from Baton Rouge, LA to Houston, TX.

Chloe, a young and unwed mother, stranded outside of Baton Rouge, LA.

A psychic’s uncanny prediction

A young father who lives by his own rules.

A sheriff protecting his wayward son.

A crash. A witness. A baby.

The ending no one saw coming.

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