So You Want to Write a Book.

Have you always dreamed of writing a book?

Can you imagine seeing your name on the spine of a novel?

We can help you!


Saturday, May 6th, 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.


Northeast Georgia History Center

322 Academy St. NE

Gainesville, GA 30501

Here’s what you will learn:

9:00 AM – Noon                                      Where Do You Start?                                    Connie Fleming

Explore where successful stories begin. Hint: you don’t have to start at the beginning.

  • The mechanics, or formatting. Very brief and very basic.
    • Peaks and Valleys: Creating a rhythm in your story.
    • Research: It’s fiction, why do I need facts?
    • The benefits of entering contests.
    • Why read other author’s work?

We will look at examples of different beginnings, and discuss the importance of first pages, and titles. There will be hands-on exercises to get the creative juices flowing, and sharing with the group. Handouts will be provided.


1:00 PM – 4:00 PM                               Self-Publishing Secrets                                    Nancy Craddock

Handouts will be provided and there will be short exercises for group and individual participation.

  • Which colors on a book’s cover sell the most books.
    • Fonts that kill the deal.
    • When should a self-published book have a Table of Contents.
    • How to price a self-published book.
    • How many pages in a self-published book make the most profit.
    • What should every self-published book have on the last page.
    • The “one word” secret for an award-winning story.


There will be “Question & Answer” time with both speakers during the last thirty minutes.

Numerous Door Prizes (including a full manuscript critique)


Connie Fleming, SCBWI PAL Member                                              Nancy Craddock, SCBWI PAL Member
2016 GA Author of the Year Finalist for “Halley’s Hope.”                          2016 Moonbeam Medal Winner
2nd Place in WIK Novel Contest 2016 for “Desert Secrets.”                      Author of Five Self- Published Books
Winner of 2014 WIK Novel Contest for “Over a Barrel”                             Author of Numerous Magazine Articles
2008 Nominee GA Author of the Year for “Finder’s Magic”                               Winner of Numerous Writing Contests


Sponsored by SCBWI (Society of Children Book Writers & Illustrators)

SCBWI Members – 55.00                     Non SCBWI Members – 65.00

Due to limited seating, reserve your spot today at

Questions: “Contact Me” page at

or email [email protected] (put “writers’ workshop” in subject line)

Nancy’s a Winner

Our talented and very prolific author Nancy C. Craddock has been awarded the “Moonbeam Award.” For “Beneath the Paint.”

Is that the moon, or stars in my eyes. I’m so proud of my friend. While the rest of us are revising and angsting (okay I made that word up) over our years-old manuscripts, Nancy is getting the job done and winning awards.

To quote Nancy, “maybe it’s just me, but” I think Nancy ROCKS… P. S. It’s not just me.

Aug 15 Blog Tour Stop: Interview With Sharon Pegram!

Connie Fleming, hereafter noted as “CF”: For the first-ever WIK blog tour, I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing (and introducing) this year’s Southern Breeze WIK conference coordinator, Sharon Pegram. Sharon lives in Suwanee, GA.  Don’t you love the Southern sound of that?  I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting Sharon until the interview. I think you’re going to adore her. I know I do already.

CF: So, who are you, anyway?

SP: I write science fiction and play a lot of video games with my engineer husband and eight-year-old son. In other words, I’m a geek. In my pre-parenting, gainfully employed life I was a school librarian, so I do enjoy organizing things and helping people connect with a good book.

CF: Sounds like you are perfect for the job of coordinator. Having been a past conference coordinator and know the huge amount of work involved, so my next question is, “What made you decide to be the 2012 WIK coordinator.” Or in other words, “Have you lost your mind?”

SP: At Wik’10 Lisa Stauffer asked me to be her assistant for Wik’11 (while I was picking up my sandwich at lunch, so walk carefully through that line…), as training to coordinate Wik’12. I went back and forth over it for about a month, and then my husband said, “Just do it. You’ll be great.” He knows how to access the confidence I sometimes forget I have.

CF: What are you working on?

SP: Panacea, about a girl whose blood heals and the guy who gets tangled in her problems. Pelagos, a sequel with a new love, an old enemy, and a helicopter mom with special forces training. And Self-Evident Truths, in which a girl falls in love with her dad’s artificial intelligence project.

CF: Sharon is too modest to mention that her novel, Panacea, was a semi-finalist in the 2011Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest.  Congratulations on that, Sharon. Now, what is it like coordinating a Southern Breeze conference?

SP: Kind of like coaching a team where all the players know more than I do. Fortunately, they’re good teachers.

CF: I hear that! What have you learned about how WIK works?

SP: Jo, Claudia, and Heather do more than should be temporally possible. One of the more interesting documents in my notebook is the itemized schedule. To fit so much into one day, they have everything scheduled, down to which announcements are made at the welcome and which at lunch. And it’s color-coded by person, so everyone knows who’s doing what.

CF: Wow, you ladies are organized! What’s special about WIK this year?

SP: The first-ever Southern Breeze blog tour, of course. I’m also excited about having 15 speakers on the faculty. There should truly be something for everyone.

CF: Have you run into any glitches yet, and if so, how have you handled them?

SP: I think it’s early for glitches, but I’m sure they’ll make their appearance as preparations progress. My favorite glitch from last year was when I called the day before to confirm lunch for the intensive, and the restaurant had lost the order. Always call…

CF: Sharon, I know with you at the helm, the conference is sure to a great experience for Southern Breezers, as it always is. Many thanks to you and all the volunteers who make these events possible. We hope you will check back with us after the conference for “the rest of the story.”